Doing What It Takes to Keep It Moving!

I am just nine days away from celebrating my 52nd birthday, and it is so hard for me to believe because I still feel 25! But, be that as it may, I am working out harder than I ever have in my entire life -- trying to keep the middle-aged monkey off my back, or at least the fat rolls anyway! As a result, instead of scaling back to 6.0 miles/day x 5 days a week like I planned, I am going in the wrong direction and just broke a new record yesterday:

Now, I am wondering if I could make it to seven miles at some point... Who knows, but to even be able to , continue do what I am doing without injury and joint pain, I need quite a bit of stretching afterwards, breaks from impact on the weekends, as well as good shoes and podiatrist-fitted orthotics. However, even that is not a enough for some people... If you are like me, then a few supplements are needed as well (e.g., evening primrose oil, fish oil, flaxseed oil, etc.), and from time-to-time a few topical ointments. It just so happens I ran across a couple of articles from Woman's World magazine that talk about some of the things I use and the additional perks associated with them:

I'm a big fan of item 1 in this article as well. Being a waterholic definitely has it's perks!

I love Woman's World magazine! They give so much useful information in case you ever get a chance to check it out when you see it at your local grocery store. I have been ripping pages out of the many copies I have sitting around. Maybe, I will start posting them on the blog so someone else can benefit from them before I throw them out. Hope it helps!

Be Blessed!


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