Bold & Beautiful on a Budget!

Hey All,

I passed by a Marshalls and a TJ Maxx (a Ross too, if you must know!) earlier this week, and I found a few incredible deals that I couldn't pass up. So, for anyone who thinks they have to spend a lot of money to look good, think again! First off, in my outfit of the day I am sporting the skirt I bought on clearance for about $12 from Marshalls about two years ago. I found the fur/suede gloves from there as well!

Ok, so follow me now into the dressing room to see what I bought! A $30 dress for summer vacation was a great start! Ignore the boots and tights though, as well as the turtleneck draped around my neck!

A pair of skinny jeans is always a good addition to your wardrobe, especially when they are faux leather AND only $10!

I also found ANOTHER skirt, with a different color and pattern from the two I already have. I love the fit, and it makes me feel youthful (obviously, I won't be wearing it with these boots), so Marshalls knocking a few dollars off made it a sure deal!

Well, I spent less than $70, and I have three pieces that I can build three very distinctive looks that will help enhance my current wardrobe, as well as help me to feel bold and beautiful, not to mention youthful, which is VERY important as I get ready to celebrate my 52nd birthday week after next! Hopefully this inspires you to create some new, bold and beautiful looks on a budget!

Be Blessed & Looking Forward to Hear What You Come Up With!


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