Happy Friday & I'm Talking Pizza and Staying in the Same Clothes Year-After-Year!

Hey All,

I finally, officially, launched my new www.YourBestAtAnyAge.com website and Looking and Feeling Your Best blog today (actually yesterday, but I started on Friday night) with the posting of a new video to my old YouTube channel, www.YouTube.com/eformationqueen, (https://youtu.be/gwsnIlKUdzA). It has been a long road of soul-searching, praying, mid-life crisis tears and chocolate-covered donuts over the past year to figure out what my next big thing would be. Somehow sharing the lessons (or "secrets") I have learned on looking and feeling my best at any age during the years from 18 to 50+ seemed like a very compelling place to start. So I hope you guys enjoy the site, blog and YouTube channel, as well as the story I share along the way...

In the meantime, I still enjoyed one of my favorite past-times from the last 7+ years, my usual Friday night routine - Papa John's pizza (the Spicy Italian with some veggies added, which came about last year):

The veggies were a nice-to-add, but the extra pizza dough was not. In my opinion, the extra dough on pizzas, and in rolls, is a big waste of calories. So, I use a sharp knife to scrape it off, as I did below.

Next, I sprinkle a little parmesan cheese and pepper, and then I roll it up. So good, but the excess dough is a no-no! LOL

Exhibit A - Excess dough: In the trash you go! LOL For three slices of pizza, over time, the calorie-savings from just this one activity alone is enough to help me not to gain weight (or as much as I might have over the years). This is one of the "secrets"/strategies I employ to maintain my weight and stay in the same clothes year after year. In a restaurant, I try to be discreet, but excess dough, I DO NOT EAT!

The reward? The dress from around 2012, that I bought in the only size White House Black Market had left (one size smaller than I wear) still fits even after a mid-life crisis and a mini-chocolate donut obsession. LOL

Such a blessing! And to think a simple tip like removing excess dough from pizza is one of the secrets to looking and feeling my best at any age (not to mention fitting in the same clothes year after year). I do not weigh myself at all, so how clothes fit and how things look is the measuring stick by which I judge my progress, or lack thereof (this may be the subject of a separate blog post for the scale obsessed ladies out there). It also helps that I drink water with the pizza instead of soda (better than even diet soda -- will talk about that in another post as well) or beer. I do drink my Red Bull afterwards though, but that is in place of any snacks that I might try to normally consume after dinner. Such a fine balance to find/walk, but enjoying your life AND maintaining your weight requires you to make trade-offs if you want to indulge in your favorite foods on a regular basis, and for me, pizza is a must-have! Would love to know some of your must-haves and the trade-offs that you currently make (or will be making). LOL Let me know!

Well, thanks for stopping by, and until the next tip/time...

Be Blessed!


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