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Hi, and welcome to my new blog! I really appreciate your stopping by, and I am very excited about sharing lots of life-changing information to help you look and feel your absolute best regardless of your age. One good thing about getting older (especially when you are over half a century!) is that you learn quite a few things about life and taking care of yourself as you make mistake after mistake and learn massive amounts of lessons, tricks and secrets as a result. This is why older people, especially women, always want to give unsolicited advice -- because we have wisdom, doggone it!

Just so you know, my mission for this blog/vlog and website is to promote a healthier more fulfilling lifestyle for women, and our families, which includes taking care of our mind, body, and spirit, as well as making the most of what we have been blessed with and using whatever tools available (i.e., skin care, healthy eating, vitamins, clothes, etc.) to help us look and feel our best at any age. As a result, in the coming blogs, some will be video blogs (vlogs) because I love talking more than writing, I will be sharing my best tips and advice on diet, exercise, skin care, fashion, living life to the fullest, you name it, as well as discussing the latest news and articles on health and wellness. I can't wait, and I look forward to talking to you soon! Also looking forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas on the various topics. In the meantime, be blessed, stay tuned, and be sure to share the info with others who might be interested!

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